Managed Breach Detection, built for MSPs servicing SMBs.

The cybersecurity cliché it’s not if, but when is now a reality. With RocketCyber, find out if when is now!


Attackers Hunt SMBs

In 2017, it took small businesses 206 days to detect a breach.

(APTs) advanced persistent threats are well-funded, evade preventative security defenses and infiltrate companies of all sizes. Despite the investment of defensive solutions, their capabilities maintain long-term connections creating chaos for business owners.

Unwanted threats traversing through networks, their techniques and tactics, now become the hunted. Simply put, managed breach detection proactively detects the threat to reduce the overall dwell time and impact of a breach.

MSPs Hunt the Breach

Now, small businesses can detect the breach on day 1.

RocketCyber provides factual analysis of breaches that circumvent traditional tier 1 security systems. MSPs can then use this information to harden cyber defenses, provide forensic evidence, remediation and reduce the impact of a breach for small-medium business owners.


Combining 40+ years of cybersecurity experience with a white labeled portal and reports extend your MSP.


RMM, SIEM, Threat Intel, PSA, host data, we’ve got you started to post and receive breach detection data.


Leverage your RMM to deploy RocketCyber’s endpoint technology across all customers within minutes.


When RocketCyber detects a breach and/or suspicious activity, your PSA is notified with threat details.

RocketCyber Breach Detection coming Summer of 2018. Get Notified.

Hunt. The. Breach.