Enabling MSPs to deliver Cyber Security Services while ...
generating recurring revenue.

Billy Austin and Carl Banzhof

Who We Are?

RocketCyber, is a cyber security company that enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deliver cyber security services to small and medium businesses. Built specifically for MSPs, our solution is designed to provide recurring monthly billable revenue by demonstrating evidence that cyber criminals are circumventing security defenses.

Our Story

Shortly after 9/11 of 2001 we met at Citadel Security, a vulnerability remediation solution for classified and federal networks, later to be acquired by McAfee. While time had passed, Carl and Billy reunite in 2012 to start iScan Online, a data breach risk solution for retail and higher education, eventually acquired by SolarWinds.

Meanwhile, cyber criminals now have small businesses in the crosshairs. With minimal defenses, lack of expertise and no shortage of digital attacks, SMBs turn to managed service providers for assistance. It was time to leverage our enterprise security expertise. Enable MSPs to deliver big security where Small Business owners can afford it.

In 2018, we are back, and we call it RocketCyber.

Our Mission

we always complete our missions

RocketCyber was founded with an insurgient passion and an aggressive objective: empower MSPs to deliver a managed cyber security services as a repeatable revenue stream, while safeguarding SMBs from cybernetic criminals.

40+ Years Cyber Experience

our experience is all you need

During our 40 plus years of creating intrusion detection, vulnerability, risk and compliance technologies, RocketCyber is our best work ever.

Leverage our experience in taking complex security solutions to the SMB market, delivered by you as the MSP trusted advisor.

Why Choose Us?

why RocketCyber is different than any other solution

With RocketCyber, you get more than just the MSPs #1 cyber security platform. You also get a massive library of resources to help you grow your business. Stay ahead with innovations like suspicious activity monitoring, empowering you to know what customers are currently attacked, how it happened, and who is attacking. Build your security business on a single, secure, and scalable cyber security service that you can white label. Extend your power to sell, service and market with RocketCyber's easy to understand reports and presentations. Proven to drive efficiency and growth, RocketCyber increases your revenue and decreases costs.

With RocketCyber, MSPs & SMBs just get it

  • What is breached? Indicates systems under attack
  • How the breach happened? Shows evidence of attacker techniques & tactics
  • Who is attacking? Geolocates adversary origin

Hunt. The. Breach.

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