RocketCyber ASCII MSP Detroit

With a motto like “Hunt. The. Breach.” it’s probably clear that at RocketCyber, we are focused on detecting cyber criminals currently in or soon to be in your networks. With over 40 plus years combined cyber and network security experience, we believe RocketCyber to be our best work yet.

The pursuit of cyber breaches is reflected in our newest technology delivered by MSPs (managed service providers) to the SMB (small-medium business). We’ve spent more than a year and a half developing RocketCyber, empowering MSPs to identify the Tactics and Techniques that cyber criminals use to evade SMB security defenses.

The same passion that drives us to consistently improve is applied to our focus on cyber security. There is no greater priority than keeping our small business customers protected from advanced threats, targeted attacks, and every day breaches that impact us all as a consumer.

June is Internet Safety month, and it’s time to come out of stealth mode as we debut our soft launch on June 28 in Detroit, MI at the ASCII MSP Conference.

The cybersecurity cliché its not if, but when is now a reality. Join us in Detroit to find out if when is now.

Billy Austin | Carl Banzhof
Co-founders of RocketCyber